Permanent Record
Season 4
Episode 9B
Written By Mirith JS Colao
Directed By
Brad Goodchild
Original Airdate February 15, 2000
Previous "Sammy's Song"
Next "Live and Let Dye"

Permanent Record is the B part of the ninth episode of Season 4 of Pepper Ann. It was paired with "Sammy's Song" and originally aired on February 15, 2000.

Summary Edit

Nicky gets detention for talking in science class, and she becomes obsessed with erasing it from her permanent record.


Shelf McClain: Hey. Hey!
Pepper Ann: I knew that psychologist thought I was gaga. I'm not gaga, am I? I mean, if I'm worried about being gaga doesn't that mean I'm sane 'cause if you're gaga don't you think you're sane? And would a sane person use the word "gaga"?
Principal Hickey: Wait a minute; just what are you two doing in here?

Milo: She doesn't know. I tried to tell her it was time for class, but she insisted on saying hello to every one of your pencils. The other day she was wearing a bucket on her head. The school psychologist thinks...well, I'm sure it's all in her file. Come on, let's go.
Pepper Ann: Bye-bye Pency and Erasey!

Principal Hickey: I always knew that girl was gaga!
Supermodel Mindy: Oh Reginald, I wish this date never had to end!

Ernie: ...My name is Ernie...

Supermodel Mindy: Oh yeah!


  • In this episode, everyone acts as if Nicky has never had detention. However, in "Vanessa Less Tessa", she, Pepper Ann and Vanessa get detention.