One of the Guys
Season 3
Episode 3B
Written By Madellaine Paxson
Directed By
Brad Goodchild
Original Airdate September 25, 1999
Previous "Beyond Good and Evel"
Next "The Wash-Out"

One of the Guys is the B part of the third episode of Season 3 of Pepper Ann. It was paired with "Beyond Good and Evel" and originally aired on September 25, 1999.

Summary Edit

Pepper Ann gets recognized for her soccer skills and is offered a spot on the school football team. But when the other guys on the team start helping her improve her game, she becomes concerned that she is turning into too much of a tomboy, and decides to enter a beauty pageant to declare her femininity.

When it comes down to it, she is forced to decide which is more important to her, being a "girl" or helping her friends.


Pepper Ann: As Fuzzy is my witness, I will not go down in history as 'Pepper Ann Pearson, one of the guys'!
Milo: Sternum...bruised...
Pepper Ann: Milo, do I look like a girl to you?
Milo: Sure. I mean, you are a girl, right? ... Right?
Lydia: ...and Nelly's talent program did reek. But her father is the president of Food Barn Enterprises. If I ran a bulk-food conglomerate I guess I COULD RIG PAGEANTS TOO, BUDDY!!


  • This most likely is not an error, but Nelly doesn't seem to have any pupils--just large white eyes...