Impractical Jokes
Season 2
Episode 11A
Written By Mo Rocca
Directed By
Brad Goodchild
Original Airdate December 26, 1998
Previous "The Sisterhood"
Next "Cold Feet"

Impractical Jokes is the A part of the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Pepper Ann.. It was paired with "Cold Feet" and originally aired on December 26, 1998.

Summary Edit

After watching a hidden camera practical joke show called Lafftown USA, Pepper Ann, Nicky, and Milo agree that a well-timed practical joke can be funny. They all take turns playing jokes on each other, until Pepper Ann takes retaliation to the extreme and Nicky and Milo decide she needs to be stopped.]

Pepper Ann’s mom tries to convince her to stop with the practical jokes, with Dieter giving her a signature to sign to stop with the practical jokes.

Later, at night, during Nicky’s concert, she tries to play her violin, but makes scratchy notes. It turns out that a squirrel was hiding inside her violin, and Nicky screams and tosses the squirrel, which lands on Ned, eating a piece of pizza, forcing a piece out his mouth, then it lands on Milo’s beanie, making him scream and fly into a drum. The drum then rolls away and crashes through a wall on its way out. Pepper Ann exclaims the people to lighten up, and it’s only a joke. But the people weren’t laughing, and they glare at Pepper Ann. Dieter points out that she was responsible for bringing this misery, and the people told her, “Shame on Pepper Ann”. Pepper Ann, confused, tries to convince to everyone that it’s just a joke, while Nurse Oolma carries a traumatized Nicky away. Pepper Ann then got booed and jeered by the citizens, thinking she was a disgrace.

The next day, Pepper Ann rushes to Nicky’s house to apologize to her for ruining her performance, but Nicky and her family pretend to move away, along with Milo. Pepper Ann tries to tell them she was really sorry, then all the citizens pop out of nowhere and told Pepper Ann to lighten up and it was a joke. Her mom tells her that she got a taste of her own medicine.

Pepper Ann: Milo, you're such a nut!
Lydia: Now that's funny!
Waitress: Hey, this cat's got a hat on its head!
Nicky: My books! They're...out of alphabetical order!
Milo: G, C, B, D, K, R, T!
Dieter: I didn't ask for the whistle!
Lydia: Pepper Ann, stop that this instant! Now enough is enough!
Pepper Ann: Why isn't anyone laughing?

Dieter: She named Pepper Ann had brought this misery!
Several people: Shame on Pepper Ann!

Pepper Ann: Shame on me? It's just a joke.


Errors Edit

  • When Pepper Ann is shown holding the PA system microphone up while Nicky is talking to Vera, Nicky's mouth is moving and she's not saying anything.

The Desk GagEdit

"Cool, a mood ring!"