Crying Girl
Gender Female
Age 12 (presumably)
First Appearance "Romeo and Juliet"
Last Appearance "The Finale"
Voiced By Cree Summer-Francks (in most episodes)
Kath Soucie ("The Perfect Couple")

Crying Girl is a minor character who attends Hazelnut Middle School. As her nickname suggests, she seems to be very emotional and may burst into tears and run out of the room at any moment, often shouting that she "can't take it".

Her real name is unknown, and everyone at school calls her Crying Girl -- Nicky even says it to her face in "Peer Counselor P.A." when Crying Girl thanks her for counseling her.

Not much is known about her as she is a very minor character, but she does appear in various episodes; usually in the background. The majority of her appearances end with her running out of the room crying after something happens, hence her nickname.

Episode Appearances Edit